Inspirit Foundation has three types of grants:

1) Research and Field-Building Grants (1 year - Up to $50,000)

These are project grants that will take place within a year. 

Research grants provide support for research that build understanding of narrative power and inform systems change interventions such as policy recommendations. 

Field-building grants provide support for events that bring arts and media practitioners together to develop networks, leadership skills, and strategies to strengthen advocacy efforts to redistribute access and power in their respective sectors. 

2) Project Grants (1-3 Years - $10,000-$100,000 per year)

Project Grants support emerging and innovative initiatives or programs that help communities build narrative power. Grants include Seed Grants and Major Project grants. 

Seed Grants are flexible, smaller grants (up to $50,000 per year), that support fledgling initiatives or early-stage organizations developing new models for industry interventions. 

Major Project Grants are grants between $50,000-$100,000 per year that support more extensive, collaborative projects that build infrastructure, skills, capacity, and resources for communities to increase leadership or challenge systemic discrimination within narrative ecosystems.  

3) Organizational Grants (1-3 Years - Up to $100,000 per year)

Organizational Grants are unrestricted, general operating grants that support the development of media and arts organizations focused on advancing narrative power within communities and providing systems-focused solutions to address systemic barriers. We prioritize organizations led by Indigenous, Muslim, Black and racialized communities that address systemic issues within Canada.  

Please note, Organizational Grants are currently invite-only.


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